Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Smiley had his fourth birthday on Saturday! He is so excited to be the same age as his cousin G. He tells me he can do such and such because he is this many holding up four fingers!

The cake... don't you love it? I went with a simple box cake and some toys on top. By the way, caramel icing is fabulous!!!! He wanted a camo tank and a camo helicopter for his cake. Well I decorated it with a war scene leaving me space for the tank and helicopter. When I returned from my shower he excitedly told me he finished my cake for me! He had added all the men AND an airplane AND a helicopter! He was pleased! I just laughed and thought it is his cake... why not let him have fun with it!

Thank you everyone for his gifts. He received a big tank, a head lamp for backpacking, a pack for backpacking, boots for backpacking, camo outfit, and a spiderman bouncy ball which he is slowly sharing.


Beth said...

What a fun birthday and how cute that he ramped up his cake a bit on his own! :-)

And, again Congratulations on the Doll!! She looks great!

Tell us more about her and the birth (when you have time - no pressure!!)

Sarah said...

G. thinks it's pretty awesome, too, that they're the same age now!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Happy Birthday!!! That cake looks superfun and even more special with his finishing touches. :)

We like to decorate cakes with toys as well. It is more interesting AND the birthday boy gets a special keepsake to add to his birthday loot.

Caramel icing sounds delicious! Do you have a fav recipe?