Sunday, September 13, 2009


We celebrated Little Mama's 5th birthday on Saturday.

Daddy got her beautiful flowers for her birthday. She made the crown!

She wanted a ballerina cake. I got the idea from Debbie Brown's "Enchanted Cakes for Children." Excellent book!!!!!

In attendance we had... King George, Bob Toot to disguise his ninja outfit, a Princess, a WWII guy, and Sleeping Beauty. Next came another ninja and a Ballerina!

Little Mama with her cake. Yes, there were 5 candles. The fifth is in front of the doll facing her.

Peacock and HooDoo both had a scavengar hunt for her to find their gifts. Peacock got her a tiara and HooDoo got her a bag of Sugar Babies!

Eliana got her some necklaces and rings.

Grandma got her a jewelry box not even knowing that was on my list of ideas to get her! So it is now filled with jewelry and lip gloss (from Smiley!) Plus makeup from Grammy!

A picture I forgot to take.... She also got tap shoes! She wore them to church and loved the sound on the tile floor! -- Laura maybe Ella could show her some moves! :)

She got her first 18" doll that she has named Emma. Grammy got her a horse to go with it! She is in love with the doll!!! I am in love with the doll. I must get me one! :)

Eliana and Little Mama with their dolls! What fun these two will have!

Last but not least, Aunt Sarah made two beautiful dresses for Emma. Her Grandmother knitted a sweater and crocheted a shawl years ago that Aunt Sarah has passed on to Little Mama! You cannot find such beautiful clothing in any store!

Thanks for everyone for a wonderful birthday party. She had such a girly party and she loved it! Thank you God for such a beautiful little girl with a tender heart. Her laughter echoes through the house. He thankfulness is always shown.


Kim said...

Looks like she had a fun birthday!

Lol, my word verification was upholy. =)

Laura said...

Happy Late B-Day, Little Mama.
Love, Ella