Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I apologize up front. We have a laptop but still use the mouse until it died last night. I have very little skill on the touchpad mouse. Like how do I copy and paste to move my pictures? I just discovered today that I can tap the pad and it tells the cursor what to do. I thought I had to click the button under the pad! Hope it is not too confusing. Just start at the bottom of the post and work your way up! :)

I forgot to take pictures of our first day of school and thanks to Sarah for mentioning it! See, I told you I am forgetting things all the time!

Anyway... I heard someone doing this and liked the idea. So hopefully I remember each year to take their weight and measurements when the school year starts!

Here are the scholars...

Grade 3
Heighth 51"
Weight 57lbs

Grade 2
Heighth 44.5"
Weight 42lbs

Little Mama
Grade K5
Heighth 41"
Weight 37lbs


Alissa said...

I buy a school memory book for the kids. It is kindergarten to grade 12 and lists all that information. A place for your yearly picture and pictures during the year etc. Love it!!!

mary grace said...

What a sweet idea! I take First Night of Awana pics every year since my kids don't have an official "start day" (we school year round with short breaks).

Leigh said...

Great pictures. I especially love the one of HooDoo helping Smiley!

Christina said...

I never thought to take height and weight!
I think we will do that when we start next week.