Sunday, December 21, 2008


Emily has a trivia. What was the last book you read and movie you watched.

The last book I read was the Little Pilgrim's Progress! What an eye opener! No wonder that book is such a classic. Amazing that he wrote it while in prison! While reading the book, I kept asking my self who was I. Amazed that everything he did or wanted to do he first asked if it was right, or obeying God. Then decided on doing it or not! When he failed, he got back on the path.

The last movie I watched was "Mummy 3" and not at all impressed! Before that? "Holiday Inn" with Bing Cosby and Fred Astaire. Now that as an excellent movie! Classic of course! Beautiful singing, beautiful dancing, beautiful dresses! Oh why can't we dress like that anymore? Why oh why??

How about you???


Emily said...

The Pilgrim's Progress is a great book! Chuck and I read some of it to each other aloud when we were in high school. Amazing adventure book with great lessons. Convicting too.
I think I saw Holiday Inn a long time ago. I remember enjoying it!

Sarah said...

Ummm... the last book I finished was The Prince and the Pauper. It was great! I'll have to read Pilgrim's Progress next:) I recall reading Little Pilgrim's Progress together in school, but I don't remember it too well.

Last movie... I guess Wall-E. The one before that... Wall-E... before that... guess what.... Yeah, that's what you get when everybody's sick and you let them watch whatever they choose all day...
We also watched White Christmas a couple times.