Sunday, December 21, 2008


We celebrated Princess first birthday this Saturday while everyone was here! Aunt Sarah could not make it though because the youngest cousin S was sick!

Little Mama, cousin E, and her friend with their Princess crowns. I got the pattern from here and made them. Purple for the girls and green for the boys. HooDoo has informed me that they work as an Indian hat too when worn backwards! Who knew...

Beautiful M with her crown.

Birthday girl Princess wearing her crown (for a whole 2 seconds!)

Shy birthday girl... don't look at me....

Cousin Ja disappeared and was found resting in our bed! ahhhhh

okay, G stood up right as I was taking this picture, but look closely at the background. Smiley is giving M a hug and kiss. They played so sweetly together! They really miss each other! It was great to have David and Leigh here to celebrate Princess' first birthday!


Emily said...

Your cake looks amazing and I love the crowns! I get so many ideas from you! :)

Sarah said...

Awwww, so sweet!:) I'm sorry Eliana didn't wear the crown! I think they came out so cute!
Lovely little birthday girl:D