Thursday, November 06, 2008


This is going to be a long post! I downloaded my pictures and laughed at what the kids have taken! So here is what we, or mainly the kids, have been up to!

Princess has discovered the piano -- I know in the picture she is not playing touching the keys but trust me her fingers are playing sweet music to our ears! :)

Cleaning the porch and outside of the house!

Little Mama riding her horse!

I will tell ya this... One night, something happened to two of our children, HooDoo and Little Mama, because they cleaned their room, the toy room, and the living room without being told! Granted it was after bed time and they were so quiet! I was wowed by the cleanness!

Obviously, they have not been up to cleaning their room since that miraculous night! :)

Eliana spent the night with Little Mama! They changed outfits about every 2 minutes and put on make up! Beautiful huh?

Haven't you always wanted to see our air duct? The boys thought it interesting enough to photograph it! :)

If Smiley would put some clothes on, then maybe I could post pictures of him! :)

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Kim said...

Cute and interesting pictures.