Thursday, November 06, 2008


I made another practice cake! Cake was okay, I like the other chocolate cake better. I love the rope looking bottom border! I wanted to try my hand at cornelli lace. The roses are getting better though still far from perfect! We had this to celebrate a cousin's 3rd birthday who lives way too far away (happy birthday DJ!!!!) and in memory of Moses! Yes, the baby kitten that we rescued died the other day! Not sure why since he was growing and doing great. But we are very very thankful to the Lord for allowing us to rescue him, feed him, babysit him, play with him, etc. We miss him a lot, or I really really miss seeing him at Sarah's house! I can't wait to see the slide show with music that Sarah is putting together for the kids! :)

Little Mama sweetly washed the dishes for me!

Oh the other new phase... I have been canning and freezing applesauce like crazy! I have not added it up all up but we have a lot! The people who own the acreage across from us are letting us have the apples from their trees! If the economy dies... we will survive on applesauce!


Alissa said...

Very nice cake! What icing are you using?? buttercream?....are you making the roses on the icing nail or directly on the cake? My next cake isn't until January but I've got some ideas brewing :)

Kim said...

Pretty cake but Little Mama is much prettier. =)

Laura said...

You are becoming an awesome cake decorator, Letisha! Love Caleb's cake too-tell him I said Happy Late B-day by the way.
And can't believe your youngest is already 10 months. She's grown so much since I saw her in August!