Monday, September 01, 2008


Shannon at Rocks in my dryer has a labor meme. Since it is labor day and what woman does not love to hear about other labor stories? So here we go!

How long were your labors?
#1: 6 hours
#2: 5 hours
#3: 1 hour (day before labor day! Ha! Thought it would be funny to go into labor on labor day. But who goes 10 days past their due date... um, ME THAT'S WHO!)
#4: 8 hours
#5: 16 hours! (with only maybe 3 painful contractions at the end!)

How did you know you were in labor?
#1: water broke, bloody show
#2: water broke, strong consistent contractions. But waited until Smallville was over to leave for the hospital! :)
#3: HUGE GUSH of water. Several hours later, no contractions, just went to the hospital. Good thing we did... she was faster than the long drive!
#4: water broke, strong back contractions from start!
#5: no water breaking, small tiny painless contractions that made me think "oh here we go again! I do not want to go through this pain!"

Where did you deliver?
All hospitals. #5 was born in the bathroom. Do you want positions? Those are different each time!

Only on the last two hours of #4... LONG STORY!

Thankfully no.

Who Delivered?
I DID!!!!

Join in on the fun.....

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Laura said...

Okay, I was hoping labor time got shorter the more kids you have-but yours proved differently. But I guess your pain was at least almost non-existant on the last one.
At least I'm hoping the pushing will be quicker on this one.