Monday, September 01, 2008


Four years old! What a joy she brings to our heart! May she continue to be whom God created her to be. May we teach her God's path and she not depart from it! Help me to teach her to be a Keeper of the Home! Thank you God for our precious Pure Lamb!

We celebrated Little Mama's 4th birthday on Saturday! I stepped up to the plate and make a doll cake with marshmallow fondant icing! I am loving this stuff! Easy to make and easy to work with! I learned a lot of lessons. I was upset with my self to start because of my mistake!!!! But I read my rules to Peacock. Rule 1: Relax and have fun. Check! Rule 2: No cake is perfect. Experts just know how to fix their mistakes! Good! Heart rule: There are several blogging families that are burying a child! My heart aches for them. How can I allow a stupid cake mistake to beat me up? Not even comparison to the pain they are feeling! So just go with it! And I did. The bottom line: The kids LOVED IT!!!! They stared at it all day!

The other 4 year old Princess! I wanted to get a picture of them together, but I forgot! Sarah made this dress for E to wear as a flower girl in a wedding! Beautiful huh?

She received as a gift a Keeper of the Home book. It teaches girls the skills of homemaking. It has a program for younger girls and then older girls. The boys is called Contenders of the Faith. Sarah and I are going to work on these with the girls. Grandparents to participate as well! They will receive the yummy desserts and gifts as well, I am sure! :) It is a great program. They have badges when they accomplish a skill (memory verse, knitting, baking, setting the table, etc). The badges are costly, so we will compromise somehow! :)


eRiCa said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. About the movie swap...I will be hosting one again in the near future since the response to the last one was so great. I keep getting emails from people like you that wish they would've signed up. I usually host a swap once every 2-3 months so keep checking back.

Your blog has some great ideas and awesome posts...I hope you dont' mind me checking back.

ps just curious as to how you found my blog.

Emily said...

The cake is beautiful and looks perfect to me. I checked out the link for the bday book and it looks like a great program. It is great to teach her those skills early...what a head start she'll have!

Alissa said...

Isn't it fun to catch the 'cake bug'!!! I can't wait for our next cake. Kaleb has his birthday in 2 weeks and I'm getting so excited :) You did a beautiful job!

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Little Momma! It looks like you had a great day and a fun cake!!

I dont know why but for the past few weeks I keep thinking I am going to visit here and see a little ticker at the top of your page with some fun news!

Hmmmm ;-)

Beth said...

Happy Birthday, LM! And the cake does look great. I forgot how close in age our #3's are. LC turned 4 on July 4.

I have the Keepers book. It's a neat idea.

Am going to try to give you a call Monday night.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Little Mama! And congrats on the cake, Letisha-it looks awesome!