Thursday, April 24, 2008


This week we have enjoyed doing our school work on a blanket in the front yard. Little Mama and Smiley play and Princess plays until she falls asleep for her morning nap! Then after school we eat lunch and run through the water hose! Here are a few of the sights around us!

Notice the red in her hair? Oh I so hope she keeps the red! I just red headed children! Peacock is actually praying for a red haired brother... I think he has watched one too many Walton's but red hair is fine by me!

Geese. I know, I only caught one goose in the picture but 2 or 4 fly over! The second one in this picture is behind the tree.


Kim said...

Wow! Princess facial features are starting to change.
I see you got a picture of the birds. Yours are further along than mine. Don't you just love the Azalea bushes right now?! I'm enjoying mine! Are the cousins still visiting?

Laura said...

What a perfect school day!

rcsnickers said...

actually no..that bird nest is on the porch the other is in the bird house on the tree. Two different ones.