Sunday, December 23, 2007

Update at 9:33pm Dec. 23,2007

Letisha is 6cm and the baby is at negative 1 station. Since the last post she has dilated and the baby has dropped. She is doing much better mentally. She is still at the easy part of the labor for now. Letisha said that when she walks the contractions get tighter. Thank you for your prayers, they are working. =]
For now Letisha will continue to walk the halls swaying. She said that swaying makes the contractions easier. Keep the prayers coming and I will keep the updates coming.
Thank you,
So to be an Aunt Kimmie again, Kim
P.S. I am sharing your comments with Letisha.

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Audrey said...

YAY!!! I came to check one last time before heading off to bed. How am I going to sleep now?!?

You can do this Letisha! HE will not fail you! Relax, and just let your body go. I will be up praying for you and checking back to hear the news.

Father, I lift Letisha up to you, I ask that your peace will cover her like a thick blanket, so that nothing else can permiate through it. I ask that you bless her with a beautiful labor and delivery. Father I ask that she can relax and be completely aware, embrace and ENJOY the miracle that birth truly is. I ask also Father that you protect her and the baby, and bring them both together to meet each other safely.

Father you said that if we ask it shall be given to us....Thank you Father for your love for your mercy and for your protection of our sweet Letisha.