Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Baby Is Almost HERE-December 23,2007

Hello everyone, this is Letisha's sister Kim. I wanted to let everyone know that Letisha is at the hospital. She was resting in bed around 4 or 5pm this evening when she started to have a contraction. So, she got up and got into the tub to rest and see if this is the real thing. While sitting there she started to think about her labor with Trevor and started to panic. So she decided to go on to the hospital.
As of right now she is 5cm along and the baby is negative 2 station. She shared with me that she was also shaking from being nervous. Please pray that God will help her to have the mind set to trust him right now and that she will have a peace of mind. Her contractions are not very strong right now. When they come it's about 3-4 contractions but not hard. She's not use to starting off at an easy stage. I told her to enjoy it. I will let you know what is going on as I receive the phone calls.
Keep her in your prayers and pray that the baby will come tonight. This is the day that Letisha chose. Funny, eh? =] Is it a boy or a girl? Letisha thinks it's a boy. We will soon find out. =]Stay tune for the next episode......

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Anonymous said...

i am praying! tell her sillyme of joyfulchaos is praying for her!