Saturday, December 08, 2007


This morning we all met at Aunt Sarah's house to make and eat our Christmas cookies. Everything turned out good and we had lots of helpers, one especially. Smiley is always interested in what is being baked by wanting to help stir, taste test, clean up, and hopefully not fall out of his chair!

Our list of cookies:
Brown Sugar Cookies
Oatmeal Butterscotch Scotchies
Black and White Thumbprints
M&M cookies
Pecan Thumbprint cookies with chocolate icing

lots of sugar... lots of smiles... lots of fun...


Beth said...

Oh, aren't they pretty? And what an ambitious list of cookies to make - I am impressed!

Kim said...

Yummy! The cookies are so pretty! Cute pictures! How is HooDoo doing today? lol

rcsnickers said...

Much better... glad he did not have to get stitches. He is already jumping and flipping as his normal self. :)

Emily said...

They look great! Your kids are lucky to have such a fun mom. :)