Monday, December 03, 2007


Okay, as a family we always make our guesses on when the baby will be born, weight, time, gender. Anyone game? I would love to make it a contest here on the blog, but as Life with littles and many other MOMYS know, getting to the post office is well truthfully the hardest task ever! We shall see though, maybe I will surprise the winner with something sometime in the future....

So my brief history:

Due date: 7-10
Born 7-7
Weight: 9lbs 4oz
Time: 2:50pm

Due date: 10-17
Born: 10-22
Weight: 9lbs 1 oz
Time: 10 or 11 pm

Little Mama:
Due date: 8-26
Born: 9-5
Weight: 7lbs 14 oz
Time: 11:23am

Due date: 3-30
Born: 4-10
Weight: 10lbs 7oz
Time: 11:32pm

Bonus Boy/???need a girl blog name still:
Due date: 12-17

[note: For Peacock: at 18wks his ultrasound measured him 20/21wks and they wanted to move his date to 6-30. I did not know much at the time and liked the later due date for safety of the early one being wrong and coming when not ready. My doctor agreed to keep the later due date. If the early due date was right, then he would of fit the mold of being 7 days late. So you can pick whether or not he was late or early. I know no true facts of his dates. Glad I know that stuff now!]

Good luck... cannot wait to hear your picks....

How was that? 3 posts in one day! Amazing!


Audrey said...

I am so glad to here you are doing well! So I have an idea, let me send a "prize" to whoever gets the closest answers! I would love to do that! Here's my guess...and yes I am going against my original "girl" prediction ;-)

Gender: Boy
D.D. 12-17
Born: 12-24
Weight: 10 lbs 3 oz (those are some healthy babies you have by the way)
Time: 2:43 am

I was thinking for some reason that you had your babies at home? Have you ever thought about that, or is it not an option?

Sarah said...

Gender: BOY
Birthday: 12-19
Weight: 9lbs 2oz
Labor start time: 7:00pm
Hospital arrival time: 8:30pm
Birth Time: 9:37pm

Sarah said...

Eliana says you're having a girl and pointed to the 17th when I showed her the calendar and asked which day she thought the baby would be born.

Erin said...

Gender: Girl
Born: 12-18 (our annivesary lol)
Weight: 8lbs 8 oz
Time: 4am

Homebirth midwifery is illegal in your state isn't it?

rcsnickers said...

1. Oh I would love to home birth but it is illegal in the state. There is a midwife 2 hrs away. I personally do not think I would get along with her. Daniel is not for home birth with us not living close to a hospital.

2. Audrey -- I actually was thinking of using your shop as a prize!

3. Sarah -- you are too kind in your times... I hope so....

Thanks for joining... I am marking my calendar!!!! :)

Laura said...

I have no predictions-I'm just amazed you had all those big babies naturally-you go girl-and yes! you CAN DO IT AGAIN! His grace will be sufficient for you!

Kim said...

Okay, here it go's,
Gender: GIRL
Due: 12-17
Born: 12-25
Weight: 7'12
Time: 10am (while Daniel is home=]))
Temporary Blog name..Little Snickers
(named after you and the little snickers that the siblings will make when they see HER.)
I predict that you will have a short labor. Love you!

Kim said...

What did you have for a girls name?

Beth said...

Enjoyed reading your last three posts...pic of the paper chain is great.

Gender: girl
Birthday: 12/12
Weight: 9.0.
Time: midnight

silly me said...

i was worried about you when you hadn't posted in the last few days. i kept expecting a new baby photo! glad you're still incubating!!

and, oh, i can here all those feelings in this post. i know 'em so well. i will pray for peace for you. you'll do great!!

Sarah said...

You'd better keep posting on your blog so people know that it's not baby's Birth Day yet:)