Saturday, November 17, 2007


While at my Mom's this morning we took a walk to the Family Dollar store. Standing in the check out line I noticed two bins full marked way down. I was thinking "oh maybe some good candy from the most recent holiday for really cheap?" But instead we found a knight, Mr. Incredible, and Angel outfit for $1-2! Were there ever some excited kids!!!

OH yeah! Peacock lost his other top front tooth this morning. Grand total of 4 teeth lost.


KatieBug said...

What a GREAT deal!!! My kids would love that, too!

medblog said...

The kids look great in their new costumes. What a great deal! Sorry that there wasn't any choc. candy for you. lol Peacock looks great with his 2 front teeth missing! We just got back from the airport. We went to welcome Gwen and her new China baby girl, Maggie. She is so adorable! Emily just loved her! Scott and the kids got to go meet Gwen right at the airplane. They know one of the security guys there. =]

Laura said...

They look so cute and what a great buy!