Monday, November 12, 2007


Here is a small part of a conversation I had with Little Mama this afternoon.

Me: Do you think you will get a sister or a brother?
LM: Sister. 2 sisters.
Me: You want two sisters?
LM: Yeah!!!! :)
Me: How many brothers do you want?
LM: 10!!!!!! :)
Me: [I do not recall what I said next but she went on to say this...]
LM: I can dress them in purple [and something else to do with purple].
Me: You will be a good sister.
LM: Yeah, they can sit on my lap
Me: you can hug and kiss them
LM: yeah, I can read them a book and be kind to them.

Just too precious! She is always asking Smiley if he wants something and to say "yes ma'am or no ma'am." Now if she could only say that as well!!!


KatieBug said...

My oldest always says he wants 10 brothers and sisters, too. Looks like we are well on our way! :)

Beth said...

Sweet! It's so good to put down those conversations, to remember later! Are you okay with me putting a link to your blog from mine? I confess, I already did it, but I'll remove it if you want!!!

Audrey said...

Hmmm....10 boys and 3 girls....sounds like fun!

How are you feeling? Are you getting excited! I am!

Cant wait to see that new little one!