Saturday, August 25, 2007


Well the big question of "what you do think or feel you are having?" I always lean towards a boy! I REALLY want a little girl... a sister for Little Mama, to dress in my pink baby clothes that are just too adorable to sit in a container in a closet, etc.

As for pregnancy same and differences: I tend to swell more with my boys. With Little Mama I felt great. I did have an infection that I had never experienced before but is common during a pregnancy and did not experience with my boy pregnancies.

So I am swollen and no infection.... tells me it is going to be another BOY! My boys have been 9 and 10 lbs whereas my girl was 7.14lbs. Is that why I swell? Anyone know specifically what in a pregnancy causes swelling in the ankles? Seriously, this is too early to be swelling and my BP is normal! So I am tired and I still throw up every once in a while. I normally love being pregnant but for the first time I am tired. I wish it was cooler weather because I want to go for a walk so badly, but yeah right in 103 degree temperatures! I would post a belly picture but every one I take makes me look huge. Maybe I really am and that is why I feel so down... at times. Of course, I saw a friend last night who is 20wk pregnant with twins (girls just like Erin had!) and she is measuring 24wks. I don't think I look too much bigger than her for someone who has had previous pregnancies and stretching!

But I really hope it is a girl!


Emily said...

Sorry you're still feeling sick some and tired. :( I hope you can put your feet up occasionally to help with the swelling. I guess you're drinking lots of water? I know what you mean about feeling huge...and heavy... everyone tells you you look fine but you just feel like a COW...I think it's mostly the heaviness and tiredness. It's hard to feel like you're "glowing" when you just want a nap!
A girl would be wonderful. :) Little girls are so precious! Too early to think about this but I would love one next :) Praying for you!

Sarah said...

No, I was actually thinking last night that you and Jenny look about the same size:)

I want us to have girls too.... shhhh... don't tell Garrett.... he'll just have to play with Trevor! We need to have girls for Maggie!:)

KatieBug said...

I think it is a proven fact that Chick-fil-A causes swelling. I read that somewhere. :)

I really want another girl too!

Audrey said...

I'm thinking pink for you!! Some of us just have to put in alot of "blue time" to get the pink! LOL

I LOVE how The Lord has shapped our family with all the boys in the front. Makes things a bit easier I guess.

Perhaps He knows how fanatic I am about symetrey. ;-)

I hope you get to feeling better. I will be praying for you. Have you read the Brewers Diet? That might be a place to start to figure out the swelling thing.

Laura said...

I'm sure you look absolutely adorable and really wish you would post a belly pic. :-)