Friday, August 03, 2007


Little Mama's hair in a french braid!

Toenails painted just like Mommy. Both of her brothers said "oh that is so pretty!"

Peacock took these pictures of Grammy's dogs and they are good. He wanted everyone to see them... what better way to show everyone!


Tori or Vicki -- we call her different names from different family owners.



Sarah said...

For anyone wondering how a dog gets two names....:) Vicki/Tori was originally name Victoria...

I call her Tori;)

Sarah said...

Oh, and great pictures Joshua!!!

KatieBug (ksl) said...

HI! You left a comment on my homeschool blog asking where to get a cd to teach your kiddos the Armor of God. The one we have is called Bible Quest and it has lots of great stuff like the Fruits of the Spirit, the 12 disciples, Old and New testiment and some others! Hope you can find one. We love ours!

Your son is a great photographer!

I like your blog I will be back. :)

Kim said...

Joshua, you did an awesome job taking those pictures. Are you going to be a photographer when you grow up?? =]

Emily said...

It's so sweet that your boys admired the toenail polish! I remember Laurance saying when we were little that he was jealous that girls got to wear such pretty dresses! He denies it now of course :)

rcsnickers said...

OH I will have to tease him on that one!!! hee hee hee

I understand though, HooDoo colored his toenails with a pink marker one day. I explained that only girls paint their toenails. He was so embarrassed that when we went to swim lessons he kept his swim shoes on so the lifeguard would not see his toenails.


Emily said...

Awww. :)