Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Today we had our ultrasound. I love having the ultrasound and seeing our baby! Everything is great. Oh yeah... posterior placenta! That is important news to my hears! I have had two anterior placentas and both ended with back labor and OP babies! I would love hear of someone who had an anterior placenta and no back labor but for me it is true. Anterior placenta is related with OP babies and back labor.

I was a little sad. Silly sad. But they have a sheet giving the price for a cd and a price for a dvd or $5 for both! I brought $5 cash so I could have a keepsake cd of pictures and a video (that is what a dvd is for right?) to watch and listen to the heartbeat. I have a video of my last two and I always loved watching it and intently checking for the gender. But the dvd has the exact same pictures as the cd and maybe 2 more pictures. Bummer... I payed for two of the same things! But I do love my pictures.

He/she would not give a profile picture and kept hands in a fist shape close to the face or reaching over the shoulder.

Oh the fun news.... what are we having? We are having a.....





Only God knows. Not even the ultrasound technician knows because she did not want to check, accidentally slip and tell us! So we shall find out when Bonus Boy/girl makes the "grand" birth entrance!


Elizabeth said...

Too funny! I kept scrolling, waiting for an answer, but so are you! Congratulations anyway, and I hope your labor is smooth. So you don't want to know: did you find out with any of the others? Thanks for posting the pictures.

rcsnickers said...

Yes we have not found out with any of our children and I never get that "I just know we are having a" feeling. I say we are having a boy and will be surprised if it's a girl! :)

I have to admit, I did 30% want to find out. But it is so fun to have the birth, hold the little one for the first time and see what God blessed us with!


Kim said...

Oh it's so exciting to see the little one before he/she gets here!! I think it's a boy to but hoping for a Johanna for Little Mama. =]

Audrey said...

I do so love waiting to find out after they are born.

Although after having the 5 boys then the last two girls I can say that there is one thing that is completely different, for me at least that I think will give me a good idea of the gender if the Lord blesses us with any more children.

Are you ready for this its kinda gross, but we're all girls here right? With the boys I am constipated throughout pregnancy. With my girls its not a problem at all. I told you it was gross. So from now on thats my gage in determining boy or girl. LOL

So what things make you think its a boy? Do you remember anything way different with little mama?

rcsnickers said...

Well to be honest and gross, with my girl I had a horrible yeast infection! Never had I experienced it before and since then. It was horrible! So far no infection which makes me think boy again!

Either way, I am happy!

Kim said...

I looked at the baby today and got this feeling that it's a girl! I know I said otherwise, but I'm hoping! =] 8-3-07 =]

Emily said...

You got me there! I was eager to find out. :) It will be an exciting surprise! How many weeks along now?