Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Yeah, I know late huh? But better late than never. I was originally planning to stick the BJUPress Grade 1 Peacock and buy the K5 workbook for HooDoo. I learned my lesson and will not be writing in the workbooks anymore. I thought it would be fun for them to see the page and write on it but it is frugal to not and have it for the next child! Also, due to expenses right now it seems crazy to spend a lot of money on curriculum. to get the full Grade 1 kit would be over $500! Never! I tried to limit and get what only I needed and that would cost $400! Then I came across Homeschool classifieds and found some great stuff used and cheaper! Well with the used items and some items from the BJPress still cost close to $400. Just not in the budget or what I want to take out of our budget.

I received Love to Learn catalog in the mail and of course went through circling all my dream items. Then come to find out Mom got the same catalog and was surprised at the stuff they used and love that was in the catalog. She sat down with me telling me what was good and sounded good for the money. In final, I ordered from them. Except I am getting the Bible Truth Grade 1 used from someone at the classified site. Overall, I spend way less than the prices before and feel actually good about what we are getting. I have this mind set that I have to stick with a full curriculum and that source to succeed in homeschooling. That is not the case. Some are better than others in different subjects. It is okay to break up curriculum sets and still learn. My children will learn!

So here is what we are getting. Tell me what you know of any of the items we are getting! Love testimonials and advice....

Peacock: Grade 1

Explore the Code Books 1-8 for phonics
I Wonder Grade 1 -- still dream of the Pathway Readers but chose this one. Maybe I can get it later. :)
A Reason for Writing

Singapore Math

I Love America plus a cd.

Our Father's World Science

BJPRess Bible Truth

HooDoo: K5

Happy Phonics
Primer Set

Singapore Math

A Reason for Writing

Art: taught by Grammy
Discovering Great Artist

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Kelli said...

Thank you for visiting my Open House yesterday! How exciting to get your new schoolbooks, everything sounds great! I hope you have a wonderful year!