Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sarah called me early Friday morning to inform me that today was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A. She took Eliana and Garrett for lunch and they were the only ones dressed as cows.... and also the only ones eating for free! :) Well Peacock was very excited about it but I had to inform him that we could not go. We are trying to keep expensive down to absolutely nothing. I figured it would cost $11.56 for gas there and back. A lot cheaper than a meal, but Daniel did not think it was worth it. Anyway, as it turned out. HooDoo was spending the night with Grammy and Gramps and last I heard Grammy was trying to come up with a cow costume for them to go. So Mom said we could fit in her car and go for dinner -- Daniel being on the night shift. From 4-6ish I worked on our costumes. The kids had so much fun dressing up like cows. I felt silly but hey really wanting a chicken sandwich!! On the way Peacock stated that he hopes we are the only ones there so no one will see him... like we have a high chance of running into someone we know. Not going to happen except for a brother of a family member's friend who I think is an Assistant Manager there. Yeah, we were the only ones there and we got lots of smiles and comments! They wished they knew about Cow Appreciation Day too! We all got a free meal even though Mom and I were not completely dressed (only shirts!). The worker said he had only seen one other person come in dressed like a cow! Later at home Mom said to Peacock "next year you will be 7. Will you dress like a cow for a free meal again?" Peacock's answer "next year we will have more money and not need free food. We don't spend the money Daddy works hard for!" Oh no, we never buy groceries, pay bills, etc! Too funny! Only wish HooDoo could of been with us and they could of gone as well... but Daniel is not the only non cow dresser with dignity in the family!

Little Mama and Peacock had a tail!

Mark your calendars for next year and watch their latest news section on the website to announce the day of Cow Appreciation Day! Well worth the fun to dress like a cow!


Audrey said...

How very cute they all are!!!

Elizabeth said...

Very cute and very creative! I like the tail the best.
I still dress up with my neice and have no problem going into Walmart with a crown or feather boa! Where did I learn this lack of good sense? My mom!

Kim said...

They look so cute!! Very simple and attractive looking! You did a good job! I notice that you didn't put a picture of mom and you on there. =]hmmm

rcsnickers said...

yeah, Mom said "you better not take a picture of us!" I guess I "could" of stood with the kids for the picture but hey walking in Chick-fil-A was brave enough for me!