Tuesday, July 17, 2007


8 Random Things You May Not Know About Me I got from Elizabeth and Emily. It was fun to read theirs so here is mine. Let me know which ones you knew and which shocked you!

1. When I was a little girl my Mrs Heart barbie doll was always pregnant and holding a baby!

2. I still sleep with a closet light on when Daniel is working the night shift.

3. I would love it if Daniel was a Park Ranger in the Smokey Mountains or out west!

4. I easily stress over the amount of toys in the house and lack of organization or kids putting them away in the proper places!!!! But don't peek into MY closets!

5. I am a late sleeper and a night own.... working on that!

6. I won an art contest in the 4th grade drawing a coke can... and I cannot even draw! Boy were we shocked when we saw the 1st place ribbon on my picture while strolling the mall one Sunday afternoon.

7. I love talking on the phone.

8. We would love to buy 266 acres for $33,000 in Cochrane Canada... of course family and friends would have to buy all the property around us!

Join me on the fun and share 8 things about yourself!


Elizabeth said...

I didn't know any, which you probably knew, but enjoyed them all. My barbies were always going through the cycle of being pregnant, having 4 kids (3 wasn't nearly enough) and then tearing down the house and starting over.
My sweetie needs a nightlight and sleeps like you too, and we are so on the same page with organization and art, and my mother and sister are artists!
Thanks for sharing! (did you get my links?)

Emily said...

I didn't know any of these either, but they were fun to read! I would agree with you on #3 and #8...have always wanted to live out where there was a lot of land. :) Maybe one of these days when we're retired and don't have to live near civilization to earn money, LOL!