Friday, July 06, 2007


I am tired. Still throwing up. I have never been sick this long into my pregnancy! This afternoon Little Mama came into the bathroom where I was and looked in the toilet and said "Oh my word! Mommy, there is your mac n cheese!" Yeah, I know thanks for telling me! I am wondering if my iron is low and that is why I am tired. Eating is hard. Nothing in the house sounds good. Pizza from somewhere else or Chick-fil-A sounds excellent!

What have I been up to that makes me quiet on my blog? Well besides napping and falling asleep early in the evenings, I have been reading a lot of birth surveys and info printing it all out for my birth book. A binder of resources and information to have on hand at the hospital! I have been watching birth videos on you tube or at baby center Video library. Now there are few videos at baby center that made me question Why am I going through this again? Do I really want to even feel that pain? I can feel it while watching her feeling the contractions. I started moaning and breathing with the video! I was screaming for the epidural! But then I cried my eyes when they hold their precious child and know they did it natural! Well worth the pain to me! Just a miracle of birth. So if you are expecting your first and want to see some real women in natural childbirth and how they handle it? Watch these birth stories. Then remember "...for when a son is born she remembers the pain no more! John 19:21

God does have a special birth story for each child. I cannot make my dream birth happen (as I did with Trevor in being stubborn leading me down the wrong path) I have to let it happen... when and where God wants it to happen! I am sure God hears Daniel's prayers of not in the car....


Audrey said...

I am so sorry you are still sick. Do you know for sure there is only one in there?

I hope you get to feeling better soon, and that was sooo cute what she said, I was laughing.

Emily said...

I hope the sickness is over soon. :( It's no fun, what little taste I had of it. I've just been reading Ina Mae's book, and she talks about "virtually painless" birth. I'm not planning on it for myself :D but it's nice to know it could happen, huh? I guess we never know what our births will be like, but God does and He'll get us through it!
B/t/w I never said thanks for sending me your birth plan. It was helpful since I'd forgotten to mention a couple of things!

Laura said...

sorry you're still sick!
so, what is your dream birth? a home birth?