Friday, July 20, 2007


This is so hard to write! Could you please pray for Lena and her husband. Lena is Richard, my BIL's, supervisor. They were due to have a little boy early Aug. The baby has gone to be with the Lord. This is their first child. They have a lot to deal with and decisions to make. Please pray for them.

[pictures from his works baby shower for her. Jonathan, my sister's youngest, picked up the frog as a gift for her. She so loved it!]


Audrey said...

I just so hate to hear things like this, so unfair, so unjust. To take that thing that we hold so dear away from us. It is truly what I would guess would be the worst feeling in the world. I will be praying for them and you. HE sees the end from the beginnig, that is our only HOPE!

Kim said...

They are holding up as best as they can. They had a memorial on Sat. July 28 and left for the beach for a week of being alone with each other!