Wednesday, June 27, 2007


We have a garden? Oh yeah, that's right we do! Can I blame the lack of food from the lack of rain? Maybe. Can I blame it on the soil? Maybe. Can I blame it on my lack of my attention? Most definately! I personally had a row of green beans and got one bush which we picked and got just enough for dinner one night! Sarah got two full rows of beautiful green beans bushes. Mom planted two rows and did not get a single bush. Out of 4 rows of carrots that Mom and I planted we got not a single carrot! I don't think Sarah planted carrots but at any rate no one has carrots! The corn is growing and you can now see the fruit of it's production. Almost ready for picking. Mom has a few heads of lettuce. OH the tomato plants are doing exceptionally well! We will have plenty of tomatoes for the few who actually like tomatoes! Mom's squash is beautiful. That's it from me. No carrots, no peas, just a bush of green beans, 3 cucumbers, a row of silver queen corn, and tomatoes!

Note to self: if in first trimester when planting season SKIP THAT SEASON FOR ME! Otherwise, I am VERY THANKFUL to those who did water the garden and water my plants. Maybe next year we will have an abundance of rain!

Here is the bird feeder one of the kids made. I have seen birds eating at it and every time I run in for the camera or zoom in it flies away. What is funny though, is when birds are eating on it and one bird flies away it makes the feeder spin with the other bird still on it! Quite funny. Glad to see the birds like it though!


Sarah said...

Actually I did plant two full rows of carrots and I got one tiny carrot growing in between the rows!!! I'll show you when we go out. If it grows to edible size, we'll have to cut it up into... 8ths? Something like that:) So we can all have a taste! lol

Audrey said...

My neighbor and I have been kicking ourselves for the past few months for not planting our garden this year.

We have had rain everyday for over two months. It would have been the perfect year to have a huge one. But, alas it is not so. Sigh.

Emily said...

We have one tomato bush and some cantaloupe vines...nothing much. The easiest pickin's are the wild blackberries and the muscadine grapes in the park! My mother-in-law showed me how to can blackberry jam yesterday, so maybe I'll use that knowledge to try some muscadine jelly. :)