Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Lesson: Be kind one to another. What is another person. The children held the stick puppets and acted out being kind to another person.

Then we headed outside for craft. They each painted their own light switch. Some are very serious about their work and others just enjoy the mess! Even Smiley painted some.

Next we ate a snack of peaches and a cookie. Then since it is extremely hot we had swim time! They are enjoying the new pool and goggles! Peacock actually went under water for the first time!

James sitting patiently on the bench next to the pool as it fills with water!

We had another project of making footprints in the sand. Did not work out as well as planned. The sand was too hot. The mortor mix hardened by the time Mom got it mixed and a child ready.
After lunch we stayed in doors and the children played. Smiley pushed Ian around for some time! It is so fun to see all the children walking and interacting together even with the age spans.

Oh yeah, we are also enjoying the free fruit from God.... wild blackberries!!!! We pick on the way to Mom's house, at Mom's house and on the way home. We have plenty of blackberries... just have to watch out for snakes. Already had an encounter with a snake right where Peacock was about to pick! HooDoo took off running... he thought it was a cobra. Thank God we do not have cobras here.... I would move it we did!

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Elise said...

What fun pictures! And fun times together!