Monday, June 11, 2007


Well we got there at 9:10 so not to a bad start! It was a great day.
Part of verse today: Be kind one to another...
Started with bible verse and lesson. What is kindness? Mom made some wooden puppets to act out some scenarios. The kids laughed. Then they played a game of duck duck goose.

Next we went outside for crafts. Mom painted their hands biggest to smallest each a different color to make a tree. Hung it up for our flag! It turned out great! She will write Cousin Camp 2007 across the top.

We had snack of animal crackers and strawberries. Some cups were spilled but the water was fun to play in.
Next craft was to make bubble blowers with straws. They work great. Ian did excellent with the big wand. Hope you can see all of his bubbles!

After lunch we went on a candy egg hunt.

So that was our first day of camp. Some of us are tired, some of us have a headache, all children had a blast! I believe everyone had a blast. We even finished by 12pm.


Laura said...

LOVE the hand "tree" flag-and cousin camp-what a great idea! You're so creative! This would be fun to implement when we move-lots of cousins around there!

Emily said...

"Cousin Camp" is a great idea, and it looks like everyone had so much fun! The activities are awesome. I agree with Laura, we'll have to do something like this in the future :)