Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I just found out that my comment is not working though it is set up for anyone to comment. The label is not listed either. Not sure why. Or how to fix it since it is set up correctly. I have not changed anything. Sorry.

Yes I am very quiet here.. thanks for being patient. I am napping during the day, and throwing up other days. I even had the toilet seat slap me on my nose while throwing up dinner. My nose is finally healed but it was a pretty bruiser! I added a baby stage development ticker but it does not show the whole thing. I can't add it to the top only on the side.

Oh here is something funny and gross... but at least she was obedient? The other day Little Mama came to me with a little small piece of poop in her hands (not her's I know!) and said "poop!" I responded with "oh that's gross. Go throw that in the sink!" She went and I realized (a little too late) what I had actually said! By the time I said "toilet NOT THE SINK!" It was too late.... she had obeyed my word exactly! Thankfully I had actually just washed the dishes! Still gross and a very tired pregnancy brain!

We had a wonderful week filled visit with Leigh, Ian and James, and baby Maggie (well seeing her baby belly on Leigh)! Sorry David could not come. The boys enjoyed playing with their cousins. We got a group picture of the kids. Totally recommend Portrait Innovations! They are excellent and you get your pictures within 25 minutes! $10 package! Of course, i keep forgetting my pictures at Sarah's house. Otherwise I would put them up for you too see. It was fun. The little ones Smiley (13 months old) and Garrett (15 months old) cried the whole time and/or crawled towards Mommy but did get a good shot. It is the memories that count! They looked so cute and grown up.

Well just writing that has worn me out! Only a few more weeks of this tired/nausea/throwing up stage left. All worth it for a little one to grow!


Audrey said...

Comments are back. YaY! Sorry you are feeling so bad! Those early months are horrible. Have you tried putting Ginger in your tea? That helped me some.

Have a great day....oh and yuk about the poop!! We have a couple of poop storiers around here as well.

Audrey said...

You wouldnt be due sometime around Nov. 26th would you? thats a great day to be born!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad! I'm so impressed with all you accomplish in one day! Thanks for the posts and keeping us updated. I'll be praying for you.

Elise said...

Oh, I'm sorry for the nausea! The toilet seat slap and the poop story is funny, though... you have a sense of humor in the midst of it! Yes! Praying for you, friend...