Monday, March 26, 2007


The beginnings of a pine cone.

The ever innocent HooDoo!

I think I need to buy Little Mama a sticker book! I got free letter stickers in the mail on Saturday and she ever so sweetly shared them with Daniel!

Peacock wanted to help me give Smiley his first official haircut. I put the one inch cutter on the clippers and showed him how to cut. He did a good first time job! Of course, it was not this traumatic, he was just ready to be held by Mommy!


Laura said...

Wow-little mama really looks a lot like you-didn't realize it so much until this pic of her. So sweet to share her stickers! :-)
Ella loves them too.
That shot of Smiley is so pitiful!
Can't believe he has enough hair for a trim already. I figure Ella will get her first haircut at age 3. :-)

Love ya!

Emily said...

Love the second picture of your little guy. You know you have Precious Moments kids, right? :) I've always thought your kids look just like those little figurines! :)

Kim said...

Wow! So many pictures to comment on.=] I love the picture of HooDoo! He is growing up to be a handsome little boy! And little mama is just being her sweet little self and sharing her stickers with her daddy. I bet she was singing while she was sharing.=] Wish I could had seen Daniel when he woke up. Tell peacock that he did a good job on Smiley! I love the last picture of them. So CUTE!! You need to take a picture of the back of Smiley's head.