Thursday, March 29, 2007


With my first two, I did not think or even know of doing sign language with them. I tried very little with Little Mama and she never really did sign. I did not push or do it daily to teach her. Sarah does a little with her children which impresses me. After hearing all that my friend Laura's little girl can sign at her young age I thought more about it this time with Smiley. I am very glad to say that he signs "more" in his own version. Next I want to teach him eat, please, thank you. We have a cardinal that visits our kitchen window every day and all day long. I thought for fun I would sign "bird". Believe it or not, on Monday morning while lying on the couch I heard the bird. I pointed to the bird and signed bird. Then he stuck out his finger, pointed to the bird, and raised his finger up and down. Close enough! It is so cute to see a baby signing words in communication with us! I love it!


Elise said...

Isn't it amazing? And he's already picking it up so quickly!
I was astounded when Eliana made up her own sign for her "lovey", a rag she holds at night while she sucks her thumb.
She rubbed her cheek over and over, while I frantically ran around saying, "This? This?" until finally, I came across lovey. What a big smile that produced!
My husband bought me a sign language book with our first, and I still run to it to look up words - and my older sons are loving learning the signs right along with Eliana!
Have fun!

Kim said...

I love this picture of the Cardinal.
You need to get a picture of Smiley doing his sign language.

Laura said...

how exciting!
yes, still have the internet-turns out it's very useful for ordering my pics of Ella and looking for house plans. :-)

sorry I missed your call-hope to call you w/in the week to update you on our plans!