Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I try to make Valentine's day special for the kids. We start the day with breakfast in bed. We had heart shaped raspberry jam cream cheese french toast, strawberries, and a few mini reese's cups. Gotta have chocolate for breakfast on V day, right? oh and hot chocolate because we actually had snow flurries and a dusting of snow on the ground. Of course, the boys thought the roof was covered in snow. Poor southern boys, they need snow and lots of it!

We did school and then headed over to Grammy's for a celebration. She had the table all set up really nice -- missed a good picture of that! Sorry. Sarah came up with a craft idea. Can you tell what animal they made? Oh and HooDoo's is wearing glasses! Neat to see the difference and how much they have progressed in making faces. They opened gifts and played a ring toss heart game. We ate lunch and they decorated their own heart shape cake. Mom made us Mommies a Lava Cake which was very rich -- none of us could even finish it! Thank you -- so very good! We had a fun time. Of course, we missed some other little guys but no doubt they are enjoying more snow where they live!

The evening was a time of resting with Daddy before he left for work.

oh yeah -- Eliana had her nails painted. Pretty huh?


Kim said...

I love the brightness in these pictures!

Kim said...

I wish I could had been there!! Sounds like you all had so much fun!! I loved it when my kids were in elementary school and they had these kinds of parties.