Friday, February 23, 2007


1. Friends. I recently have come across another friend from college. I had the privilege of reading through their blog and hearing how God has led them these years and blessed them with a son! True blessing from God!

2. Partylite Candles. Teresa generously sent me some Partylite Candles and they are wonderful! Oh I could buy the whole catalog! Thanks Teresa!

3. For a son who loves to vaccuum and will do it without asking! He especially loves to vaccum the study for Daddy!

4. For mountain dew and pizza. I had planned on buying pizza for our friends tonight but did not get the chance to drive to the store. Thanks to Sarah and Derek for getting the pizza and bringing mountain dew! Thanks Man!

5. Friday Funnies. If you have not, then you need to go to Girl Talk and read their friday funnies. It is "If Women Ruled The World." I love the speedometer one. True for me since uh Daniel loves to drive fast. OF course, only when the kids are not with us. Kinda hard to drive fast in a 15 passenger van!

6. Shawl. My Mom found me a shawl just like I have been wanting. Wraps around me to keep me warm, can wrap me and a child or even all of us while we are cuddling on the couch. Little Mama today found some material and decided to wrap herself in a shawl. It was so sweet! Thanks Mom for the shawl!

7. DSL. The word is we are supposed to have the opportunity to get DSL in our area next week. Of course, we were also told we would have DSL in our area Jan 2006, then March, then sometime soon, so we shall see when it actually happens. I cannot even imagine the faster speed connection and not having to stare at a blank white screen waiting for it to download. Or actually being able to watch a video without having to wait an hour for it to load, if it loads that fast! Not sure if we will actually get it right away due to money, but I know we will get in the near future! oh yeah!


Sarah said...

Yay for DSL! I'm excited about that too! Do you think we'll be done in 1/4 the amount of time, or that we'll find 4x more web pages to browse? lol:) Speaking of blank screens, I'm doing that right now. I should be in bed... but just one more thing!!!;)

rcsnickers said...

You are probably right... we will find more pages to browse. Maybe we should get timers and our computers automatically go off after a certain amount of time! Nah, then I would have to turn the computer back on!