Saturday, February 24, 2007


Last week I went to my normal once a month reading at msnbc.msn to read pregnancy/health articles. Then I came across the little girl that was born 22wk gestation weighing 10 ounces at birth. Wow, what a precious picture of her little feet in an adult hands (guessing her mother). Tonight I found the updated article.

I am sure you are familiar with Amilla. The little girl who is now home. The story is amazing. I got really upset with the doctor. Read the article. At one point she miscommunicated her weeks and the doctor thought she was 2 weeks further along. He said "if [I] had known the baby's true age [I] never would have gone the extra mile and scheduled a Caesarean delivery. 'My focus would have shifted to simply preserving the mother's health, because I knew babies that small don't survive.'"

Is he saying he would of let the baby die just because HE thought the baby was too young? They had stopped her labor already by like 9 days but her water broke and she had an infection. Baby was going to be born anyway.

"Opponents of abortion rights saw Amillia's survival as proof that second-trimester terminations should no longer be permitted." Yeah right! What more proof do you need? Even a 6wk baby heartbeat can be shown through an ultrasound!

"What would be worrisome is if this led some doctors to be overly enthusiastic about babies who have no chance of survival," he said." So instead be a cold hearted doctor who cares nothing about the mom baby and feelings! A doctor can be truthful and yet have hope as well!

"Science only takes us so far" and THANKFULLY God takes us through it and the rest of the way!

I know this baby is a true miracle. But my point is whether a child is born at 22wks or 24wks it should be given just as much of a chance as a 30wk or 36wk baby!

UPDATE: I found the previous article with the pictures. Oh how beautiful!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog! I've enjoyed reading your blog as well, and found this story very interesting. Thanks for posting it!
How funny that when science can't explain a situation, they say, well, maybe it was a miracle! I pasted this from the article:

There are a lot of us who think God helped us out here, that this is a miracle. Somehow we were allowed to do something that was bigger than all of us." And so much smaller.

Joy said...

Hi RC and Letisha. it is great getting reconnected with you all. days at BJ seem so long ago. i'm glad you and your family are doing so well. Being a new mom has been so great and such a big adjustment too. we are getting more sleep now which is great and i look forward to every new day with my samuel. it is great keeping updated through the blogs. thanks for writing. Joy

Laura said...

I can't describe what it's like to see that picture of that ever-so-tiny foot in her mother's hand. AMAZING!

rcsnickers said...

Laura-- I TOTALLY AGREE! I loved that picture. JUst amazing how tiny feet were in comparison to the adult hand. I cannot even imagine a baby that size. What a miracle. I hope if the family does not know the Lord that the miracle of their child leads them to Christ!