Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Upon reading the book "The Prince and the Potty" your little girl with a wonderful imaginery mind will love to pretend to be the "puppy" and make puddles in your house!

Such a cute story about a prince, who like the princess, will not use the potty. The Royal Wise Man tells the King and Queen to buy the prince a puppy. The puppy has to learn to go potty on the cloth. He eventually learns. The Prince is put to the test when he needs to go potty. Really cute and Little Mama loves the puppy part!

"yip, yip!"


Audrey said...

ROTFL....well, I think thats one step up from going in your diaper! Why, yes...that is the step between the diaper and the potty!

Just put down some newspaper. You need to write a book where the puppy goes potty in the toilet and you should be home free.

Very Cute.

After a month, I still have to accompany Elijah to the potty, he just wont go by himself. It cant be anyone else either only me, ugg, but at least he is going!

rcsnickers said...

YAY!!! for Elijah!! I know it is tiring to go everytime, but like you said "at least he is going."

That would make a funny story!

Actually she is doing really well going to the potty. I have wondered if she will continue or just beginners luck. In the meantime, we will read the princess version ONLY!