Saturday, December 16, 2006

THIS IS A ....


Laura -
since you hate candy canes, then I can guess you would not like this?

Peppermint Party
Satiate your sweet tooth with this collection of striped delights: candy cane-scented shower gel, body soufflé, and lip shine are packed in a peppermint-inspired suitcase, making it a perfect gift for a confection-craving recipient.

Now I love hot cocoa but I think is too much!

Après-Ski Indulgences
After you hit the slopes, hit the shower with this collection of winter wonderland-inspired treats. Lather up with hot cocoa-scented shower gel, moisten up with marshmallow body soufflé, and pucker up with peppermint lip balm.

If REALLY interested you can go to their site and look or buy if desperate for "hope!" It comes in a jar!

[Sorry if I am wrong for posting this... just some products I thought you would be interested in knowing about or laughing over with me!

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Laura said...

You're right-I wouldn't like it-I saw some stuff like that at Bath & Body Works-I did check out the chocolate smell (I LOVE chocolate) but I thought-I wouldn't want to smell like that when taking a bath-it would make me feel either very hungry or very fat.