Sunday, December 17, 2006


Saturday night we celebrated my birthday (early). Mom made a delicious spaghetti dinner with rolls! She had a yummy chocolate cake with very pretty pink flowers and green! It really was beautiful!

But look at the picture VERY closely! Yes, a small part is missing! Well Mom was carrying the cake to the table after we put on ALL the candles! Somehow by accident the cake started to slide and she caught it on the cabinet/counter! Choclate icing all over the cabinet. I was standing there (and holding Smiley!) and thought I would help! While I was helping I noticed a very small hand from a small child that I was holding starting to dig right into the cake! He did and it went very quickly to his mouth! Yep, birthday cake BEFORE his first birthday! boy did he suck those fingers for a long time! The cake was still very delicious! The kids enjoyed blowing out ALL the candles!

I'll spare you the 31 things about me.... besides I still have 8 days being 30!


Audrey said...

How fun, we are the same age, well, OK I'm a few weeks older than you. 31 has been kind to me LOL. It was 30 that was the real kicker.

Way to go Smiley!

rcsnickers said...

Thank you! I too hope 31 is kind to me!

For me to even acknowledge my age says something. I totally denied and refused 27 and when 28 came I really missed that year! I do not want that to happen again.


Emily said...

Letisha, boy am I behind, I didn't realize you had a blog!! I found myself wishing you would start one, and lo and behold you've had one....well, now that I know it will be fun reading! -Em

Laura said...

Is your b-day on Christmas? What a cute story about the cake-I bet Smiley did greatly enjoy that.

rcsnickers said...

Yep, a Christmas baby I am!

He did and he has gone on to enjoy other foods as well... oh a fry, an M&M and a dorito thanks to his big sister handing it to him from behind me! He had the biggest grin on his face as she got closer knowing she put something yummy in his hand for him to eat!

It was funny.