Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Here are a few things I have done around the house.

First, I hung this quilt in the living room. I made this quilt for my Grandma in 2000 when she was really sick from emphysema. She has passed away and I got the quilt back.

This is a "Give us this day our daily bread" which is an early birthday present from my Mom. Thank you Mom!

I finally hung up this quilt rack in Little Mama's room and her quilt. She likes to sleep with her flannel blanket which I made when pregnant with HooDoo in case we had a girl. On the shelf is a ceramic doll, a daughter is poem, and a pink bear (which some boy took down to play with) which were in my room as a girl. The music box is from Uncle David and Aunt Leigh -- Thanks! She likes me to play it when she naps!

Now the hardest task.... fixing a boys closet so it can look presentable 75% of the time. I think 90% would be great, but we are talking about boys and need to be realistic! So I hung a lower closet shelf for THEM to reach and hang up their clothes. Hopefully not swing on! They can keep their shoes on top of it.

They do not have a dresser so I bought this for them to keep clothes in. Works for now.
Now I need to hang a lower closet shelf for Little Mama and move Smiley's clothes into the boy"s closet!


Audrey said...

Your home looks very cozy! You should see our closet/toy system. Rob built a unit onto one wall, as there are no closets in these old homes, it works well for now, until we get them upstairs, then we will have to come up with something for up there.

Beautiful quilts by the way! I made one for Eve, but it is all bunched up now and is lumpy. I guess I am not using the right filler.

Laura said...

wow-you've been busy, girl! (As if you're not all the time w/4 kids!)
Love the idea for a lower closet shelf and the quilts are beautiful!
One of these days, you'll have to teach me how to quilt.

rcsnickers said...

Thanks for the compliments!

Audrey -- Would LOVE to see your system. (hint hint hint pictures?)

Laura -- quilting is easy and I have limited sewing skills. I taught myself from a quilting book!