Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Today we went to visit a dear elderly lady that lives up the road. The boys for the past few months have been begging to go visit her! I knew her birthday was sometime in November so I thought we would walk up there today. Come to find out her birthday is today. She is 91 years old. Peacock looked at me (not in the presence of Mrs. Moody) and said "now that is old!" He knows from counting to 100 and long it takes from 5 to even 50. We had a very pleasant visit. For her age she is such a strong lady! I have often wondered about her salvation. She has always been hard to talk about it with, or I just never came straight out and asked. Today's visit was such a joy because she actually talks more about her salvation and such. I wish I had taken my camera 1. for a picture of her and 2. oh the trees are absolutely beautiful around her pond! Just gorgeous!!!!

I wanted to make something sweet to take for our visit with Mrs. Moody but then I remembered she does not eat sweets! Crazy I know! But anyway, as she says "I am sweet enough" and she is!

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