Sunday, October 29, 2006


John McArthur at Grace To You has an excellent article. Read it here.

Am I wrong? But didn't Luther hang the 95 thesis on the door on On Saint's Eve?

What are your thoughts?
What do you do for halloween or alternatives?


Audrey said...

Good Article. We ignore Halloween. thats possible, maybe I should say we try to ignore halloween. We dont do harvest festivals either. I have learned not to go into details on this (holidays) subject...because well, I go off on a tangent, give you way more info than you ever asked for, and by the end of it all, most look at me with a blank look on their face. LOL ;-)

Laura said...

We're taking Ella to a few houses in our neighborhood (she's going to be a pumpkin), and then we're going to our church's harvest festival. What about you? Enjoyed the article, by the way.

Leigh said...

I'm sure you already know what we are doing, but here it is - we are going trick or treating here in Alexandria, Ian as a spider (again!) and James as a frog (Ian's old costume).

rcsnickers said...

We don't do anything for halloween. When we went to the zoo this past week it was all decorated for their bootacular (Something like that) event. The boys kept asking why is there a skeleton on the ground. Look there's another witch. We made a mental note to note go this time next year! Go earlier in Oct or wait until Nov.
I thought it very interested that they tried to make a christian event for the pagan event (correct words are not coming to mind so hope you understand this). Like that Christian event makes it all right.
People do look at us strange when we say we do not celebrate it or even give gifts at Christmas time. But different subject! Anyone has questions on that... I will answer.

Ben Lawrence said...

We don't celebrate Halloween either. I saw this article on Koinonia House titled An Invitation to the Occult?. After reading it and the scripture to back up his points I think he's right on the money.

Audrey said...

Ohhh...I am sooooo excited to hear that someone else doesnt do gifts at Christmas...oh happy day!

I always feel like such a bad "christian" especially so when other christians try to point out to me my blasphemous ways LOL, I know better...but you are honestly one of maybe four people that I know of that do not do gifts at Christmas.

I assume that you dont do trees and stockings and such? What have you done for those family members that insist on giving presents to your children? I know we were talking about Halloween. LOL

rcsnickers said...

no trees, stockings, and such! Last year we got together with Grandparents on Jan 6th for presents to the kids. My Mom takes what she would spend on the kids and buys groceries for a family in need. Our family is great about it!


Erin said...

We don't do Halloween. On the 30th, we do "Happy Pumpkin Day." Grace carries a pumpkin basket and delivers little bags of candy to her friends. It teaches her to give (and not get).