Thursday, November 30, 2006


Last night we had dinner at Mom's house. Sarah and my favorite dinner... lasgnua! Thanks Mom... more than delicious!

Well not two seconds after I sat down with Smiley on my lap and the plate somewhat away from us Smiley grabbed a hand full of corn! It went straight to his mouth as everything else does! Thankfully it all came right back out since he does not eat food yet! He likes to try to pick up and chew on something. It was funny. I do believe he will love food when he gets his first real taste.

Of course, he also found the swept pile in the kitchen the other day! He thought it looked like fun and scooted very quickly over to the pile before I realized it! yuck, maybe I should spray Lysol on his cloth diaper and let him mop my floor while he scoots around the kitchen... hmmmmm


Erin said...

How old is Smiley now? When will you start solids? Isaiah wasn't interested until 13 months!

Audrey said...

Eve was horrible about putting things in her mouth. If it was on the floor it was surly edible to her. Sad thing is she is almost 18mo and still does it from time to time.

rcsnickers said...

No plans yet on starting solids. Most likely by ten months I will start something.. fruit of some sort! We'll see. Each child it seems to be longer before starting solids.

Little Mama was bad at eating food off the floor! Once we went to Burger King and she grabbed some chicken off the floor. Thankfully! I caught her just before she put it in her mouth! She is much better now! Gross!!!