Wednesday, October 25, 2006


HooDoo celebrated his fourth birthday Oct 22nd! What a busy four years.... my oh my.... Let me just state that he grunted the minute he was born and he grunts still to this day! But we love him still....

He did have a wonderful birthday and party. We started reading a book and in the story it happened to be her birthday. She remembered waking up on her birthday morning and finding a gift under her pillow! I loved the idea. So I put a dragon under his pillow. I also put one under Peacock's for doing a great job on his chores. All morning long they played like this. The dragon and the bottle being the knight! He was excited for his robot, dragon, knights, batman underwear -- ohhhh! slimy frogs, and money! Thank you everyone who called to sing Happy Birthday -- he loved it! We also look forward to going to Cold Stone Creamery and eating ice cream!!!
OH yeah -- We have a new toy store in our area The Learning Toy Express! Now, I am not one to buy toys. Why? Well we have way too many already! But this store is unbelievable! I want to buy everything!!!!

Four things about HooDoo:
1. He is creative
2. He is left handed
3. He loves babies
4. He is full of energy

I have to admit that his birthday is hard for me. Oct 21st the day before his first birthday I miscarried. Years later my mind still reacts the happenings of that event and sadness of not knowing who the child was.

Good blogger day, scroll down to see picture on Pre-birthday happenings


Laura said...

Glad y'all had a good b-day celebration.
Happy Late Birthday, Hoodoo!

Audrey said...

Great toys...those would be big hits around here! Happy (late)

My oldest will be 11 on Nov 1st. Its shocking really! It seems like just a few months ago I was trying to talk him out of turning 10!