Friday, September 15, 2006


Sept 5th Little Mama celebrated her second birthday. What a wonderful birthday for her. She got a a baby doll stroller, cart with a banana that actually peels half way down, milk that pours, tea set, homemade baby doll cloth diapers, blanket/pillow (Cookie monster she likes from reading) baby doll bed, quilt and misc things (socks, clothes,etc). I cannot believe she is 2 already. She is such a delight... I am having fun playing house with her! I enjoy playing cars/trucks and dinosaurs with the boys but now I am in my natural territory -- dolls! I could play for hours with my fisher price people when I was a kid....

Two things about Little Mama:
1. She loves to sing -- cannot wait to actually understand the words she is singing, but for now her singing it music to my ears!
2. She loves everything girlie!


Anonymous said...

She is just adorable!!


Anonymous said...

Happy (Late) 2nd B-day, Little Mama! You are so cute!