Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I remember when Peacock was first born and a lady in our church had her second child (20 months apart). I was completely tired with only one newborn. How could she handle the newborn and run after a toddler? I never completely worried. I took it one day at a time with my one and only child. Well, HooDoo was born 15 months later. I know I had tough days. I only remember it being good and not difficult. It came naturally to me... hey, I was created for this purpose right? Well I have four now 5 and under. I will admit it much easier. With the first three I still had to help all of them. It is so much easier now that two can get dressed by themself, fix their favorite PB&J sandwiches, make toast, get their own drinks, put away their clothes! Well one we still have to work with... he likes his clothes on the closet floor better than the dresser drawer. I could go on but my point is life is easier now that they are older even though there are more children than before when it was hard. Make sense?

Now I am looking through my teacher kit and what I have to do to prepare for teaching ONE child K5. It has me wondering the same question "how do Mothers teach multiple children in different grades? I am having trouble figuring this ONE child's school year and it is the easiest year!" I know we will do fine. We will both live and learn... hey we are both first time homeschoolers! At least I have family/friends who homeschooled and Kimberly who will be teaching her first year in a Christian school! Look forward to hearing her stories and lessons!

I am going to keep the same plan as before... make everyday a fun day and learning will come out it! I am so grateful for the privilege to teach my children.

oh yeah, our school name........ G.R.A.C.E.
G. growing
R. (last name)
A. academy of
C. christian
E. education

We are constantly growing. Growing in age, height, number, God's word, intellectually, etc you get the idea.

August 21, 2006 we will start our school year.......

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