Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Earlier last month we drove through the night to visit our friends Laurance and Kimberly, his parents, brothers Charles, and Dayton wife Erin and their children. Dayton and Erin were in the states for a month. They are finally back in Thailand. We had a wonderful visit. Peacock liked leading their daughter Grace around and playing. We can pray a future marriage for those two? hee hee Little Mam and Grace fed an apple to the horse. The guys played frisbee golf and hit the softball. Erin and Kimberly did pretty well hitting the ball as well. I opted out since I have no skill in hitting a ball coming towards me or sitting in front of me PLUS I had a sleeping baby in my pouch. I always enjoy talking with his parents. Erin got to share her personal experience taking CBE classes and birth. Oh my favorite topic BIRTH BIRTH BIRTH!!!! I hope I did not bore Kimberly with all the birth talk. I am grateful she is all for homebirth. I pray she gets to have homebirths personally! I would! To conclude the day, Laurance and Charles performed their talented musical skills for us. Charles sang "On The Road Again" -- not sure if they were the correct words or his made up version sounding like Willy Nelson.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and hated to see the time for us to leave! We were sorry we did not make it west to see Will and Laura, Jeff and Emily (their other siblings) and Ben and Alissa who happened to be in Ontario that same weekend. Hopefully we can make it up that way again soon to see everyone. We look forward to seeing Dayton and Erin in two years when they return to the states again.

yes, Erin, I hope we all have a baby by then!

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Erin said...

And what a fabulous visit is was!! We really enjoyed getting to see you and for me, actually SEEing you for the first time! So glad to see you're blogging... easier to see what each other is doing.

And yeah, we'd all better have another one by the time we see each other again!