Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The other night HooDoo spent the night with Grammy and Gramps! I must say that it was a very quiet relaxing evening at our house! Little Mama and Daddy read books cuddled under a quilt and Peacock and I told stories. He likes to sit at the computer pretend to type while I tell a story. I will post his story after this. HooDoo truly does add a lot of character to our home. I know God blessed us with him to teach us many things as well! It is not easy..

The next night, HooDoo spent the night with Grammy and Gramps. Our house was back to normal just minus Peacock. I lied in bed with HooDoo while we told stories. Every story he told was about a disobedient boy or a boy who wandered into the woods. I hope he can tell me another story and let me type it out! He has long and detailed stories. He is very creative. oh yeah -- he said he had a snake story but he would not tell it to me. He said he did not want to scare me and he knows Mommy does not like snakes. I thougth that was sweet of him. I did persuade him to tell me the snake story since he was with and I would not be afraid. It was a really good story... wish I could remember every detail.

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