Monday, July 17, 2006


1. It finally happened, I met a local quiverfull family:
We went grocery shopping today. In the Sam's parking lot I spotted a 15 passenger van. Seeing some children I wanted to count how many she had! Well she had 7 children. I was excited to see that many! We sat down to eat lunch and they sat behind us. I watched them and how they were with each other. They were a neat family. When we finished I just had to stop and give her a compliment. She was grateful. She said they hoped to have 3 more children. I told her that we were praying for many children as well and I could not wait to have as many children as she. It was just nice to see another big family in our area.

2. It finally happened, I got asked the question:
Than at the gas station I got out to pump gas. The lady on the other pump asked me "Do you work for a daycare?" Yes, the question has finally been asked... I wondered how long it would be until someone asked me that question! I told her no. She noticed all the carseat (me thinking only four carseats) and said "Are they all yours?" To which I replied yes. Then she asked "are they triplets?" Which made me realize that she could not see Trevor's carseat since it is on the side of Rachel. all three carseats and all three children -- yes that is a lot, huh?
Boy did she drop her jaw when I told her their ages and that we wanted more children!


Beth Beckham said...

This is Beth Beckham here. I wasn't sure of your email address, so I'm trying this way to say hello...Leigh gave me your blog address. Good job! Fun to see and read your family happenings. Congratulations, by the way on #4, Trevor!! Yay for y'all!
Reading this bit about the quiverfull families made me think: I'm reading a book you would LOVE, called Parenting from the Heart, by Marilyn Boyer, mom of 14 singleton babies...the MOST encouraging book on godly, Biblical mothering I've read!
Hope y'all are well! I'd love to hear from you in your "free time!" :-)
Beth Beckham

rcsnickers said...

Hey, thanks Beth! Good to hear from you again! Yes I know of Marilyn Boyer... I read their book "Yes, They Are All Ours." They have a wonderful website with tons of encouraging stuff.


Erin said...

This site has some funny comebacks for odd comments about the size of your family!