Tuesday, June 06, 2006


This was the best zoo trip. Peacock 4yo, HooDoo 3yo, cousin Ian 2yo, cousin Eliana 2yo, Little Mama 1yo, Ian's brother James 8 months, Eliana's brother Garrett 4 months and Smiley 1 month old with 3 Mommies and a Grammy! All of the children were very well behaved! Peacock helped by pushing James in the stroller all day. They were more interested in learning all the facts about the animals. The temperature for the day was 93degrees and no one whined from being hot or tired -- even us Mommies did not complain! The reward for a good hot day at the zoo is the water fountain play area! Cannot wait until next year when James, Garret and Smiley are running in the water play area!


Audrey said...

Very cute bunch of kiddos!!
The age yours are at are the best. If I could keep all of mine under 5 for the rest of there lives I would do it! LOL

rcsnickers said...

I will remind myself of this when I am wishing mine were a older. Then when they are older, I will wish they were babies again! Thanks.