Tuesday, June 06, 2006


First let me explain, Peacock always wants to sleep with my pillow. He says it smells good and is so soft. I wash my hair at night so the shampoo smell gets on the pillowcase. Well last night I had his pillow with no case. Early this morning he walks to the side of my bed and says "Mommy, lift up your head." I questioned why. He said "I want to put a soft clean pillowcase on your pillow for you. Then you can have a soft sweet smelling pillowcase too!" Why thank you Peacock. How thoughtful. Next part of my day was yucky. Little Mama and HooDoo both threw up! Yucky. I hope a stomach virus is not going around. This is the third day of throwing up for HooDoo. We ate a picnic lunch on our porch because the weather is just beautiful. The kids got off the porch to play. Peacock picked some beautiful yellow flowers for me! Such a thoughtful son. Now they are all napping and I am again trying to download pictures on the blog! I am excited to finally be able to do something on here.... was not a good start and deleted all my first posts! Only a few people have seen my computer blogging inabilities!

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