Thursday, June 15, 2006


Today Smiley took his first nap in his own bed... and the best part is he slept for 2.5 hrs!!! I am amazed. Yeah for Smiley!

Of course, he is awake in this picture. I need good natural light for a picture to turn out great and I woke him up when opening the windows and turning on the lights. He was about to wake up anyway.

Also, Pracock made his first trip to Aunt Sarah's without me. I needed cocoa and I needed it now! I called Sarah who said I could borrow some and Joshua walked over and got it! He had my permission and Sarah was waiting for him. He was very responsible and stayed on the path. It was cute to see him walking back home. [THANK YOU SARAH!]

Now I need to get off so Peacock can play his picture puzzle game.

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