Friday, June 16, 2006

kwaheri mama -- goodbye woman!!

Well today is a huge day for Mom! A miracle, blessing, dream come true. Unbelievable, but if you know Mom and the way God provides for her this mission trip is no shock. The kids and I drove her to Leap of Faith Bookstore to meet the team members from her church. There is a total of 50 people going on this mission trip. They all got on the bus and left for Atlanta. She will arive in Kenya on Saturday. Note: Kenya is 8 hours ahead of us.

Pray for the members safety on this mission trip, for the heart of the people they reach, for Mom's nerves to calm down -- way excited and nervous, for me -- I am about to cry over her being gone, thinking all that she will experience and see, and well Dad is not with her to experience this mission trip... their hearts desire. Ps 37:4 Okay, maybe Dad would of preferred somewhere other than Africa due to fear of snakes, but he had a heart for missions.

Pastor from her church saying a word of prayer before they leave!

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